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Website Launch: A Step Forward

Welcome everyone to the Moonlit Development Website!

I am very excited to be bringing you the first post here. This website has been planned for a fair amount of time now and after a couple of weeks of work and planning - it's now ready for it's launch!

The last couple of years have been a journey, full of exciting opportunities, challenging obstacles, and progress. Between working on projects, going through my Master's Programme, participating in various events throughout the year, working on improving my skill-set in various areas, and more - I am glad to see that the year has been a fairly productive one. There were areas that could have used improvement however, time-management, for instance, is still a major aspect I am still working on.

The old blog was specifically made to help catalogue these, however it was due for an upgrade. The upgrade needed to be more than simply moving to a new design; hence why this website is aimed to fill more than simply a Blog role. Aside from hosting my portfolio, works and any related material, I will be putting more consideration into what I can do with the website itself. Aside from these benefits - it will also help with keeping project-related updates more organised, and in return offer a better experience to you, as an interested individual.

I have other plans that I will be considering and implementing throughout the coming months - these relate mostly to Foundation of Civilisation primarily. Putting up the prototype builds for a few of my projects was a step towards making my work available; however it is simple a single step. I may be considering going into Open Development with Foundation of Civilisation, putting prototypes to be available throughout development, and then allowing feedback to help inform certain decisions to be taken as development takes place. This is still in consideration, and as such still in the works - it is a step I am currently considering presently. With my dissertation work this year, it would likely be fairly slow starting off, as the project still remains partially side-lined as I work on my dissertation.

Regarding post updates, these will be scheduled every two-weeks, on Tuesdays. These will include Personal Updates, Project Updates, and Games Analysis Posts primarily, however there may be a few posts which might not fall into the above categories that could be published - depending on what the case may be.

With all that being said - I welcome you again to the new Moonlit Development website! 

Until next time,