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Non-Project Specific Work

Non-Project Specific Work

The diverse nature of game development offers ample opportunities to explore different kinds of skill-sets and work. This has been something that throughout the last couple of years I took advantage of - or rather, have sought to provide myself with a varied skill-set to use during projects. This has required a degree of flexibility on my part, as well as the requirement to be able to learn quickly and effectively to use different pieces of software as needed.

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Pixel Art and Tiling

One of the first attempts that was taken to delve into creating graphical assets for projects was Pixel Art. More specifically - creating tile-sets, until eventually working on small characters, animation and UI elements. 

This was done with software such as Pyxel Edit, Graphics Gale and Aseprite. 

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Basic Audio Production and Editing

Audio - although one of my weakest areas - was an area that I explored through a short course on Audio Production at the University of Malta by producing a small soundtrack, and recording, and editing voice-overs for a group-project during the Masters of Science in Digital Games 'Game Development' study unit.

The soundtrack was created with the software Garage Band, whilst the voice-over recording and editing was done with Audacity.

The small soundtrack can be heard below.

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Programming and Coding

I primarily code using Game Maker Language in Game Maker Studio 2, this has given me the ability to be able to program, and structure systems within Game Maker, as well as in other settings in a more logical manner. Much of what I know of coding has been self-taught - as my undergraduate degree had little opportunities to learn coding skills. 

I am an advanced intermediate in coding with GML, having looked at and tried a little of Java, JavaScript and C# as I explore Unity during a couple of short courses. I have also coded HTML5 and CSS in the past during an undergraduate study unit. 

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Although I have yet to delve into Unity 3D and create my own project - I have worked basic experience with Unity 3D. I have taken two introductory courses with Unity 3D, and have also worked on a group-project during the 'Game Development' study unit in the Master of Science in Digital Games programme. My role during this project were primarily managerial, writing, sound-production, and designer however, making my interaction with the engine to be minimal. 

The reason for my lack of exploration of Unity 3D is due to my interest in Game Maker Studio 2 in it's ability to work with 2D games, making it my primary engine of choice. I plan on delving into Unity 3D later on - when I choose to work on a 3D project, and also explore programming in JavaScript or C# further.

Basic 3D Modelling Experience with Autodesk Maya

As part of an introductory course in Unity 3D a number of years ago - I delved into 3D modelling. Although the course itself was not focused on 3D modelling - it had been something I had explored further as the course went by. It has been a fair while since I have worked with 3D Modelling - however it is an area I hope to explore a little further later on down the line, when I explore 3D Games Development.

Game Design and Analysis

A few of the key questions when I conduct an analysis of a game is 'What did this add to the game?' or  'How was this useful in creating the experience that the game provides?'. Game Analysis as a skill - I have always felt was aimed at improving not only my understanding of games, but also my ability with designing games. Although I consider myself to be a novice designer, as I feel as yet I have a lot to learn - I have always felt analysis helped to improve the way I think, design and work on my projects. 

Much of my analysis work and research has often been aimed at finding out ways and understanding how different concepts improved, hindered, or were done the way they were - in relation to the development or design of a game. 

You can view some of my research work below;